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Amy’s new target will putt you on the rite-line

THERE’S an old adage in golf that “You drive for show but you putt for dough”. Now rising star of the Ladies European Tour and ‘Rookie of the Year 2014’, Amy Boulden from Llandudno has revealed what keeps her putting in shape throughout the year.

The Rite-Line Smart Target has been developed by designer Jonathan Roberts, a golfer from North Wales who plays at Maesdu Golf Club where Amy’s father Simon is the club pro. Amy has been involved in testing versions of the target since 2012 through its development and has agreed an endorsement contract to help market the product.

“Seeing Amy’s progress from successful amateur into a top professional golfer has been fantastic to see,” said Jonathan. “I’ve been delighted to think that putting practice with her own prototype of the Rite-Line may have helped Amy make an important putt here and there!”

The design initially came about as a bit of fun. “I had wanted to improve my own putting by practicing at home on the lounge carpet with a visual target,” explained Jonathan.

“I began with a circle printed onto a sheet of paper before developing an authentic, optical illusion image and testing various materials for a suitable mat that would be relatively thin, but also resistant to warping.

“The addition of a clear, sticky friction pad to catch your golf ball came quite late in the day.

“My wife Heather came across a new material which she thought had potential and came home with a sample. We got down to testing different types from several suppliers before finding one with just the right qualities.”

With the valuable advice, guidance and feedback from top club pros Jon Bevan, of Rhos on Sea, and Andrew Blake, at Conwy, Jonathan ended up with a great little product.

“When Amy first tested the Rite-Line with the moulded clear friction pad she exclaimed “Wow, that’s great, how it stops your golf ball even when it’s moving at quite a pace!”

This is a very simple and convenient solution for effective putting practice at home, especially if you only have 10 minutes to spare and no time to drive down to your local club’s putting green.

With Rite-Line you just place it down on the floor and just putt away! It can be used in the home or in the office. Jonathan added: “You’ve a good excuse to have it in the office too because it can double up as your computer mouse mat! Another great benefit of using the Rite-Line as your putting target is that when the golf ball comes into contact with the custom manufactured sticky pad, the ball stops dead so you get that extra feedback of seeing if you’re pushing or pulling your putts.”

If it gets dusty or dirty you simply wipe the pad with a damp cloth to keep it in top condition.

Amy has further assisted by appearing in a demonstration video for the Rite-Line Smart Target which will be on YouTube and the product website.

Amy, who made an impressive top 10 finish in the Ricoh British Women’s Open at Turnberry recently, has spoken of her love for the latest golfing must-have.

It is, according to Amy: “So good that it goes everywhere with me!”

Jonathan added: “My motto is that it’s all about ‘Making friends with your putter’. Hopefully anyone that uses the Rite-Line will become best friends with theirs!”

For more information or to order your own Rite-Line Smart Target, visit the website