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Chorley Golf Club’s drive to attract lady members

By David Birtill

CHORLEY Golf Club, who launched a Ladies Academy last year, are on course for more success this season with nine new members signing up for group lessons with four-time women’s European Tour professional and Solheim Cup player Lora Fairclough.

The initiative, which earned the Hall o’th Hill club second place in the Lancashire Union of Golf Club’s Innovation Award in 2015, is continuing its tried and trusted method to encourage more females into the game irrespective of age.

Nine budding players signed up recently for a free taster session and one booked private lessons with Lora, who learned to play the game as a youngster at Chorley.

Steph Patterson, organiser and founder of the academy, believes golf also has health benefits such as burning up calories during a round.

She said: “It’s a game you can enjoy when weight-bearing sports are no longer available to you and when running is no longer possible. Not only is it fun to play, you meet friends and have a good laugh.

“Anyone can get involved and become an enthusiast, so why not you?

It is an excellent form of socialising and by becoming a member of a club or playing regularly, you are guaranteed to make new friends.”

Lora Fairclough, right, and lady captain Angela North, left, ready to get in the swing with the latest batch of beginners at Chorley Golf Club.