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Double act ready for action at Heaton Moor

By Geoff Garnett

HEATON Moor Golf Club’s new captain Peter Rodgers and president John Howarth drove into office in style watched by an enthusiastic audience of members and friends before playing in a competition with their predecessors.

Peter, who usually plays at least three rounds a week, has been a member of the Stockport-based club for 17 years with a handicap varying from 22 to 28.

The Manchester United fan, who also plays crown green bowls, said: “My chosen charity is for Stockport Cerebral Palsy.”

John, who is one of the few club presidents not to have been a captain, joined Moor as a junior in the early 1960’s with his brother, who left due to work commitments.

He is a keen sportsman who played football as well as tennis at Whalley Range, Didsbury and latterly West Heaton where he was club president in 2001.

He still plays tennis when the teams are short as well as for the bowls for the first team at West Heaton twice a week.

John said: “Peter will be a great captain and I am looking forward to a terrific year with him.”

Pictured are Peter Rodgers, left, and John Howarth at Heaton Moor.