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Edge stars beat the odds

By Geoff Garnett

ALDERLEY Edge stalwarts Bill Fisher and Mike Magee defied odds of 25 million to one when they both holed in one at the same hole while playing in a friendly match at their home club.

Bill, who plays off eight, and Mike, a 13-handicapper, have been regular playing partners during their many years at the Cheshire club. They both used nine irons off the tee at the 124-yard sixth hole to set up great celebrations at the 19th afterwards.

It is Bill’s third hole in one and Mike’s seventh. Their friends at the club have since been enjoying some friendly banter. Bill said: “Regarding the odds, many of the guys say it was about time that this happened as we have probably played that particular hole 25 million times in our many years at the club!”

Mark Engles, the other member of the trio, was disappointed to only get a birdie two on the same hole!

Pictured at Alderley Edge are Mike Magee, left, and Bill Fisher ready to celebrate their ace double.