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Fancy playing the Ryder Cup 2016 course?

WITH the 2016 Ryder Cup starting today, the boss of North Wales Golf Range, Steve Mueller, is offering golfers the chance to play host venue course – Hazeltine National Golf Club on his new state-of-the-art golf simulator.

This is just one of a number of courses available to play on the simulators that are popping up more and more in clubs and practice facilities throughout the region.

“It’s been a great year for golf this year, along with being included in the Olympics and having a Brit take the gold in spectacular style,” said Steve. ”Now it’s time to build on that and take advantage of new technology allowing even us amateurs to work on our game when the weather isn’t the best outside.

“Golfers are getting quite used to getting fitted for clubs on launch monitors, but a lot are still passing up the chance to use them socially and even to hone their game by finding out their average distances with each club.”

It’s not often you’re able to appreciate the conditions that the greatest golfers in the world play in, but the simulator makes it as true to life as possible, down to pin positions and weather conditions.

Steve added: “Not enough golfers realise how accurate the launch monitors and simulators have become or even understand the concept really – you’re playing golf indoors, with your own clubs and balls, hitting in to a purpose made net with an image of the course projected on to it, making it feel quite true to life. They have become so accurate that manufacturers are claiming 99.99% accuracy and they really can transform your game.

“They’re also great for being able to play a round with your usual two, three or fourball when the nights draw in and the only chance you get to play in is the wet weekend conditions in swing restricting waterproofs.

“If more golfers were to make use of simulators throughout the winter, it can only benefit the game as a whole. The information given, showing how far you actually carry the ball with each club eliminates the guesswork from the game and can improve your course management as a whole.

“Encouraging players to learn more about their game and continue playing through the colder months will certainly help the membership flourish and a better standard of golf overall.”

For further information about playing Hazeltine at North Wales Golf Range & Golf Course please call Steve on 01745 730805 or visit