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February Pro’s Tip

A COMMON problem that I see with a lot of amateurs when they are hitting irons is that they try to help the ball up into the air when hitting off the fairway. What we want to do is compress the ball and we can do this by having our weight on our front foot at impact, which increases your chances of hitting down on the ball. In PIC 1 you can see I have set up with my weight actually favouring my front foot (around 60%).

This will also help reduce any sway off the ball in your backswing, which again increases your chance of compressing the ball. As a drill, to monitor my compression, I have placed two tees on my ball-to-target line. One is three inches ahead of the ball and about an inch out of the ground and another three inches ahead of the first tee on the same line. What you want to do is to try and compress the ball and hit both tees out of the ground (PIC 2).

If however I make a swing like in PIC 3 where I’m trying to scoop the ball in the air, I will not knock any of the tees out of the ground and my ball flight will be weak and more than likely heavy or thin. Try this drill next time you are on the range and I’m sure it will lead to more consistent and powerful iron play.