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Grand designs at Northenden

NORTHENDEN Golf Club pro Graham Neville has come up with an innovative way to help keep the club’s juniors interested in the game.

He has created a ‘Junior Design a Golf Hole’ competition that was inspired by his love of course design.

The competition, which got the younger children to create golf holes that would be interesting to play, proved to be a big hit with a simple format of designing a golf hole including hazards, trees, bunkers, shaped fairways etc.

Graham said: “I wanted the juniors to go wild with their imaginations and their pictures were posted on the clubhouse wall for the Northenden members to vote for their favourite design in a ballot box.

“Mollie Campbell and Arlo Teubner won the main event with equal votes and they each won a dozen golf balls.” Northenden professional Graham Neville and some of the contestants.

Pictured are winners Mollie Campbell and Arlo Teubner (second and third from the right) with Graham Neville and other juniors at Northenden.