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HAZEL Grove Golf Club’s Introduction to Golf Academy Programme is proving a big hit

The Stockport club already had a great reputation for the high standard and quality of its golf academy managed by club pro James Rowlands.

There were nine beginners on the first New Year’s Introduction to Golf Academy Programme consisting of both adults and juniors.

They are being coached on the new academy practice facilities, which consists of a purpose built four-bay 100-yard range and practice putting area. The academy also boasts a high-tech swing training set-up, which allows video analysis to help correct faults.

Anyone who attends the new programme will receive a certificate on completion of the course as well as being offered full membership or the Pathway into Golf – an off-peak membership for one year to encourage academy graduates to further develop their golfing skills and enjoy the club’s facilities. James, an AA Class PGA professional, said: We are very pleased at how popular this new programme has become and would encourage anyone interested in learning to play golf to book a place on the Introductory Programme.

We are very motivated and proud of what our new golfers have achieved so far. The Introduction to Golf Academy Programme consists of a series of five lessons for £25, which includes the basic techniques, learning to swing and hold the club, chipping and putting.