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High fivers going well for Margaret

DIDSBURY Golf Club lady captain Margaret Lloyd has chosen, along with captain Mike Serrage, to support the Parkinson’s Research Charity in her year in office.

She has decided to approach the year’s charity fundraising in a different way from normal and has dispensed with raffles and high profile fundraising events. Margaret explained: “Somewhere in the back of my mind was the ‘Talent Scheme’.

“The idea is that you give a person an amount of money and they take it away and make it grow – so I launched it at Didsbury. “Each lady was given £5 and asked to write on a Post It’ note to explain what their fundraising initiative is. The notes are then all placed in the locker room for everyone to see.

“The ladies were also told that there would be a Golfers Market three times a year at which they could sell goods that they had made.

“Among the ideas that came forward were a sponsored swim, charging the family to babysit, collect grandchildren from school and to receive online orders during the day, transferring slides and photographs to a DVD, a dinner party, afternoon tea, polishing silver items and jewellery, selling notelets painted and printed by a member of the family, making Christmas cakes and chocolate Christmas novelties, nail treatments, collecting DVD’s and CD’s scanning them and selling to a dealer, coffee mornings and enlisting a friend to do half an Iron Man.

“So far we have had one Golfers Market and it was a great success and other ideas are being brought to the ladies and as well as encouraging the outcome of our golfing ladies we are discovering a wealth of talent.”

Didsbury lady captain Margaret Lloyd is pictured by the display board in the locker room.