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John drives in for special 125th year

A DELIGHTED John Sullivan completed his task of driving in as Bramall Park Golf Club’s captain in its 125th year.

Despite all the bets on the annual sweepstake on where the drive will finish showing a certain lack of confidence, with so many markers in close view of the tee, it was with great delight that John hit a 190-yard drive straight down the middle of the fairway for the start of what he hopes will be a wonderful year both for the club and his captaincy.

It also kick-started the charity fund with £155 being raised on the day for John’s charity, The North West Regional Spinal Injuries Centre, which has its home at the Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust Hospital, in Southport. The centre moved to this site in 1992 and has been providing specialist care for patients with spinal cord injuries throughout the North West since 1944.

The centre holds a special place in John’s life and the money raised will certainly help support the facilities with further fundraising efforts during the year.

On golfing matters, Bramall Park will be enjoying some additional events and competitions along with other clubs from around the country who are also celebrating reaching the milestone of 125 years of golf.

On a personal note, John added: “I will be looking to get my handicap down from its current level of 18 whilst making sure the club continues to move forward and provide the excellent and friendly facilities for all the membership to enjoy.”