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John’s performance programme is a big hit

By Geoff Garnett

STYAL Golf Club-based PGA pro John Watson has seen a very positive response to his new initiative – the ‘Cheshire Performance Golf Academy’.

John said: “My work as a coach sees my England squad work within a structured improvement programme based on their goals and needs.

“So via various social media outlets I asked if anyone would like to be coached like my England squad as I am the only academy in the country to offer Golf Biodynamics, Boditrak and Trackman.

“The response was amazing as golfers want structure to their coaching and practice plus the facts about their game.

“I then sent the interested parties an application form to complete and from that invited a select few for an interview so I could see how committed to improve their game they really were and the performance squad handicaps range from two to 22.

“They had an initial assessment on 3D Boditrak and Trackman and from that I put together a structured 16-week programme to help them reach their goals and they have one-to-one weekly sessions as well as monthly group sessions.

“All players received a training diary which includes regular drills and practice exercises to keep them on track and we have regular contact through a personalised and group interactive online/app training space.”

Squad member Steve Heaton, a member at Mottram Hall, said: “I have been struggling to play consistent golf and have had various lessons, which have helped me short term but not long term.

“I love this programme as it is built around what you do away from coaching just as much as it does during the coaching sessions.

“John provides us with drills, videos and examples to go away and work with and I am already seeing better results on the golf course.

“I am very excited about the coming season in 2016 playing better golf.”

Former Styal lady captain and single-figure handicapper Claire Whitney added: “I have certainly noticed the new focus I have in my game and I have found it a terrific programme to improve my golf.”

John Watson, centre, with Steve Heaton and Claire Whitney.