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Llangefni Town Partnership saves Anglesey course

LLANGEFNI Town Partnership is celebrating a successful bid to save Llangefni Golf Course that was under threat from closure by Anglesey Council.

The council has been facing major cuts and decided to close the course as part of its plans to save money. Llangefni Town Partnership, a social enterprise, has been working hard since the announcement in January to keep the course open and has now leased the course from the council and will begin running it from this month.

Since the announcement that the nine-hole course would close, more than 1,000 people signed a petition to keep it open and Llangefni Town Partnership began to look at options to run the course.

Berwyn Owen created and led a subgroup of the partnership that looked at the feasibility of operating the club to keep it running. “Seven members of the partnership worked hard to look at the way the course could be maintained and eventually improved to ensure this great facility remains open to attract locals and tourists to the town,” said Owen.

Now their hard work has paid off with the council announcing they would lease the course to the partnership. Owen added: “We are delighted that the golf course is now safe and we are looking forward to taking it over. We have looked at the operation of the course in detail and intend to bring efficiencies to the way the golf course is maintained and attract larger numbers of people to the course, making it a sustainable operation.

“Longer term we hope to gain funding to purchase the course and ensure that this valuable facility continues to be enjoyed by the community and becomes a key asset in Llangefni.

“I would like to thank the people who signed the petition that demonstrated the golf course is a facility that people enjoy and the council who have heard our business case and has given this course a valuable reprieve.”