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March tips with Golfworks teaching professional Daniel Haughian

A LOT of my clients ask for advice about shaping their shots, especially being able to draw the ball.

When attempting to play the draw, most players tend to start with the clubface pointing towards the intended target and then aim to the right of where they want the ball to go but can’t understand how the ball over draws and finishes left of the intended target.

What you must understand about ball flight laws is that the ball will always start slightly closer to the clubface, rather than the path. So to hit a controlled draw and finish where your intended target is, the clubface must aim slightly to the right of the target and the path moving slightly to the right of the clubface.

Here’s a simple drill to show you how to practice a controlled draw, which will allow you to get the desired result on the course.

Place an alignment rod to show your intended target line. Then place a tee peg  two inches to the right of the alignment rod then add another tee a few inches in to the right of the first tee.

Now I am going to aim my clubface to the right of the first tee and my body will be aiming to swing down the line of the second tee.

This will ensure that I will get my clubface to the right of the intended target and the path of the club to the right of my clubface, which will produce a controlled draw.