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New regime a big hit at Sale

SALE Golf Club officials are delighted with the immediate impact their new management structure is having on all aspects of life at the club.

The new regime was confirmed at the AGM in March and services manager Sam Poole is now at the heart of the club’s new set-up. Sam said: “We have moved away from the traditional council model with the captain as chairman to a more streamlined board structure and the idea behind this is to allow the club to become more professional in our approach.

“The board will be led by former honorary secretary Chris Boyes as chairman and also include myself and professional Mike Stewart. “We are following a business plan with each board member accountable for their own section of the plan and this will allow us to become more proactive to the changing environment that the golf industry finds itself with a clear path for how the club will develop over the next five years.

“The new structure also frees up the role of captain and ensures that they can focus entirely on playing golf, attending social functions and thoroughly enjoying their year, with no commitment to the business side of the club. “While it is still early days for the new structure we have started to make changes for the better with a more professional approach in our marketing and customer services.

“We want to ensure that everyone who visits the club gets the best possible experience, be it a new or existing member, a green fee or society guest or a function guest. “I started as services manager early in the year and had been working on this area in anticipation of the new structure being implemented. “It is already showing extremely promising signs with seven-day membership nearly full and record bar sales for the first quarter of the year.

“We feel that we are finding the right balance between preserving members’ priority tee times, good value for money green fees and using the clubhouse facilities to generate extra income at quiet times.

“Our Saturday competitions are a real draw for many new and existing members with more than 200 competing every week in competitions which have more than 100 years of history. “We showcased the club at the Manchester Golf Show and an Open Day with excellent results and we will be looking to maintain this momentum in the future.”

Pictured are Sale Golf Club’s services manager Sam Poole, right, with honorary secretary Chris Boyes.