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Nikki provides a great example for new lady golfers

HOULDSWORTH Golf Club ladies have enjoyed welcoming a new golfing star to their friendly club in Nikki Daniels.

Her pathway into golf provides great inspiration for ladies of all ages and abilities to get into golf

Nikki said: “From a young age I have always been sporty. I played football for Stockport County Ladies but unfortunately after breaking my leg three times it was time to call it a day.

“I worked in my aunt’s pub and at the time they had a golf society, one evening they all came back to the pub laughing and joking about different incidents that had happened on their day out.

“After having a chat to one of the regulars and a good friend of myself and the family (Charlie Hazeldine) I said I would love to try and play golf  as I needed a replacement for football.

“Charlie kindly offered to take me to the driving range and gave me tips on how to hit the ball and this is when I got the bug.

“As I started to improve we went to some smaller courses like the par three at Burnage RFC and Moorend Golf Club and the more I progressed I was able to join the society playing every weekend.

“Then one weekend we played at Davenport and I played the best golf I had ever played and I won by one point!

“I was so happy but then a small number of people complained that girls should not be allowed in the society and I was not made to feel welcome again. I was gutted, I felt like I had spoilt everyone’s day and I was going to stop playing golf.

“Luckily Charlie could see I enjoyed playing and could see how far I had come so we started to play at Houldsworth every weekend.

“Everyone was very friendly and encouraged us to join. They have a ladies’ section and everyone was really kind and welcoming, they play regular competitions every Tuesday afternoon so I’d try and get as many Tuesdays off work as possible to play in them.

“So far I have had some great results winning a ladies Medal, Memorial Cup, Lady Captain’s Day and the Gentlemen’s Captain’s Prize.

“It was proving hard to get every Tuesday off due to work commitments so I was told I could join as a full member and enter the weekend competitions, so I did.

“I played every weekend and I was really enjoying my golf and won the Golfer of the Year trophy, this was a great honour and very special being the first female to win since the club opened.

“Just recently Cheshire County contacted the club to see if I would be interested in playing some matches for the B team.

“I would really like to thank Charlie for being such a great friend and for sticking by me, teaching me, encouraging me and believing in me and also everyone at Houldsworth.

“My upcoming aims are to keep improving, to keep playing in the team events at Houldsworth and to hopefully play some matches for Cheshire.

“For my golfing inspiration I would probably say Georgia Hall and it was great to watch when she won the Women’s British Open at Royal Lytham.

“Golf is a game for everyone, it’s great exercise it’s a great way to socialise and make new friends. I think some ladies are too shy and embarrassed to try but it’s actually really fun.

“I had lots of laughs while I was learning, I didn’t just pick up the club and hit it, I gave a lot of worms a headache before I could lift the ball off the ground.”