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Northenden adds to its rich tree mix

By Geoff Garnett

NORTHENDEN Golf Club has long drawn admirers from across the region for the splendid and varied diversity of the thousands of tree, which make it one of the most attractive parkland courses in the region.

They are now involved in a restocking of their trees, working in conjunction with the Forestry Commission in keeping with woodland management, to replace some trees which have had to be removed due to their age and safety issues.

Northenden chairman Roland Harris said: “We have managed to find an adequate area for the planting of more than 100 trees between the power line and track adjacent to the motorway and this will be acceptable to the Forestry Commission as all of the restocking is in one place and we will be looking at further areas for up to 30 more trees to be planted.

“Species wise we will be planting a broad-leaved mixture with perhaps 60-70 per cent English Oak as well as a shrubby mix along the power line edge with hazel, field maple and hawthorn that can be managed differently and will not grow as tall.”

Roland Harris is pictured checking out the initial tree planting at Northenden.