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Northenden claiming world record

By Geoff Garnett

NORTHENDEN Golf Club members reckon they might have achieved a world record after six eagle twos were recorded on par fours during one summer medal event recently.

Vice-captain Kit Partington led the way on the 389-yard third hole holing his four-iron shot from the fairway. He was followed by 21-handciapper Barry Underwood on the 395-yard seventh, Norman Anders on the 326-yard 14th and Nev Bradley on the 325-yard 18th.

Malcolm Wells capped a remarkable day as he had two eagle twos. The first on the 325-yard fifth before he finished his round in style with his second on the 18th.

Kit said: “I have been a member at Northenden for 21 years and I have had five holes-in-one but as far as I can remember only one previous two on a par four.”

The feat is definitely a record for the club and Northenden are confident that they may have set a new regional and perhaps national record.

“Many long-standing members and members at other clubs have expressed their amazement at what we achieved and no-one can recall anything similar happening and we think that we have strong claims for a world record,” added Kit.

Malcolm Wells is pictured retrieving his ball on the 18th hole.