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THE current Covid 19 outbreak means people right across the world are experiencing unprecedented times that is already, and will continue to prove, very challenging for the coming months.
While peoples health and welfare is now the primary focus, in our little bubble that is North West and North Wales golf, it is positive to note that golf is still being classed as “safe” and as such courses remain open. Other facilities like the bar and restaurant area, locker rooms etc are starting to close down and the golf industry, on the back of an awful winter weather-wise, is going to be under some intense pressure.
We plan to spend the next few weeks looking at different golf clubs, retailers, driving ranges etc and seeing how they are coping with the pandemic.
First up, it’s a positive start for Oswestry Golf Club, who have set up a Cobra-style management group to monitor the situation and take action as required to ensure the safety of golfers and staff.
They have been meeting every two or three days and communicating with members via email and social media, and have set up a dedicated news page within their site to keep members abreast of all changes. Their coronavirus news page (LINK BELOW) is currently receiving more daily traffic than any other page on their site, and it is encouraging to see them being open with their communication and putting measures in place to protect both golfers and staff.
They have seen no discernible decrease in rounds played, which, if replicated across the region, is encouraging for the golf industry.
David Richards of CHPTR4 marketing who looks after marketing for Oswestry Golf Club explains: “It is vitally important that you keep the communication channels open at this time.
“Your membership need to know what is going on at your club, and believe me you’re much better being open and honest with any news coming from your own official channels, than letting them hear it third hand.
“It is also important you act swiftly on any changes to law or advice from Government, so if you haven’t already, be sure to form a small sub committee who have the authority to make changes outside of the general committee to ensure you keep the club moving, and set up a central resource (such as a news page), to keep all measures catalogued together.
“Obviously we are in a very fluid state at the moment so things may change but as we speak, the club is open for golf and the car park was packed when I arrived earlier today for a meeting.”
A full list of the measures they have in place can be found here –