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Pilates proves a big hit at Congleton

WHAT do Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, Madonna, and Congleton Golf Club have in common?

Answer? They all like Pilates and the golf club have re-started classes for 2019 thanks to popular demand from its members – and thrown open their doors to non-members.

Instructor Alison Farrall also puts on Pilates at Congleton Leisure Centre and the The Old Saw Mill cafe and community centre nearby.

One of her non-golfing Pilates students, Ann Taylor from Biddulph, has been cured of chronic back pain thanks to Remedial Pilates and says: “Alison has been life changing.

“I was enduring so much pain with my lower back – and had been for several years – I had been prescribed Amitriptyline to take at bedtime to help me sleep.

“Six months after starting Remedial Pilates, I was able to stop taking the pills and my GP was so impressed he said he was thinking about recommending patients to Alison.”

It was at the golf club around 18 months ago that the seeds were inadvertently first sown for Ann’s Lourdes style recovery.

Her husband Tim, suffering from mild back trouble at the time, noticed on line that Pilates classes were starting at the golf club.

Tim rang up and was impressed when clubhouse barman Fred Bailey, who answered the phone, took the trouble to leave the first floor bar and go downstairs to the changing rooms area to get the poster containing the contact details.

When Tim attended his first class at the golf club, he discovered Alison puts on Remedial Pilates at Congleton Leisure Centre, which is more suitable for back pain sufferers.

Tim, who later joined the golf club, said:  “My back improved quickly and If Pilates can have this effect on Ann and myself  – not in our first flush of youth – then goodness knows what it can do for younger  people.

“Obviously wherever possible physical exercise is preferable to taking pills and it all started with Fred taking the trouble to make sure we got  the info we needed which  turned out to make such a big difference to our lives.”

For details of the golf club Pilates classes, phone 01260 273540 (ext 3) or email

Photo caption: Pilates instructor Alison Farrall with Congelton Golf club barman Fred Bailey. Photo by Ray Bradbury.