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Puppy love at Penwortham

PENWORTHAM Golf Club’s past lady captain Frances Swarbrick was delighted with the results of her lady captain’s charity that saw her and the men’s captain raise £7,000 for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Frances said: “I chose the charity as I have always empathised with blind and partially sighted people.

“It is a charity that does not receive any government funding and the lifetime cost of a guide dog is approximately £50,000 so this is a truly worthwhile charity to support in my view.

“My half of the £7,000 entitled me to name a puppy on behalf of the ladies.”

One of the major fundraising events, at which Frances raised £800 was a Sportswoman’s Dinner to which a representative of Guide Dogs for the Blind brought along a puppy in training and a trained Guide Dog with its owner.

Frances explained: “This gave a great insight into the training and handling of the dogs and brought many ‘oohs and aahs’ from the gathered ladies.

“We also raised money for our charities at various other events at the club.

“As lady captain I was given the honour of naming the puppy who I duly called Sam.

“Sam incidentally, is the name of my husband who, quite by accident, was also president of the club at this time – a rather unusual occurrence I am informed.

“I have since received ‘Pupdates’ on the progress of our puppy, which are eagerly followed by all of our ladies.

“We look forward to Sam finishing his training and being allocated an owner, which would be truly satisfying and make all of our efforts so worthwhile.”