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ROSSENDALE Golf Club’s ladies put on a murder mystery evening for 100 diners last month.

The latest concerned Championship football club Rossendale Rovers whose star player had been murdered. The enquiry took place in the banqueting suite of their stadium, the victim having met his end a couple of hours earlier.

The diners were at the club for their Sunday Lunch. The scene is always set where props are not a problem – in this case a couple of chairs and a bar stool. The dialogue is written by Douglas Walmsley, son of a member of the cast and the recording is done by his brother David. The suspects were the club owner and chairman (Bev Dodd), her 17-year-old daughter (Irene Divine), team manager (Barbara Askew), the widow (Margaret Cunliffe), physio (Maureen Norbury) and a player (Marian Walmsley).

The inspector (Sandra McGauley) introduced the suspects, prompts and identified the killer at the end.
The format is Act one, soup, Act two, entrée, Act three, dessert. During coffee and mints each table completed a form giving the killer and motive.

The forms are collected and then the detective gives the solution. The forms are read out and the winning team each received a bottle of wine.

Producer Keith Walmsley said: “It is cheap to put on, is great fun at rehearsals and raises quite a sum for the club’s funds.”

This year’s effort, Murder Most Foul, can be viewed on YouTube.