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Royal Birkdale nominate president – RICHARD Bradbeer

RICHARD Bradbeer, a former captain of the PGA, has been nominated president of Royal Birkdale where he served as a professional for 21 years.

“It’s a great honour. I am expected to be voted into office at the annual meeting at the end of February,” he said. Bradbeer, 78, enjoyed an illustrious career, which included writing three golf books and producing an instruction video on how the game should be played.

He arrived at the Birkdale in 1980, was incumbent during three Open Championships, and was made an honorary member on his retirement in 2001. Bradbeer was one of the first PGA Master Professionals, awarded for his coaching expertise.

He was PGA Cup captain of the European team in 1990 for the match against the United States at Turtle Point, South Carolina, where the hosts prevailed 19-7. His busy career also included designing a pay-and-play golf course at Garstang, Lancashire. He was a senior lecturer and examiner for the PGA, helping with the training of young professionals and a coach for the former English Golf Union and the Ladies Golf Union. Originally from Somerset, his father Bob had seven brothers who were all club professionals. Bradbeer had three brothers but he was the only one to follow in his family’s footsteps.

He left school at 15 to become an assistant to his uncle at Burnham and Berrow, carrying on the tradition of 60 years’ service at the club by his family. He remains an honorary member, which he is very proud of. Bradbeer still enjoys playing, usually three times a week, at Royal Birkdale, which is close to his home. Richard Bradbeer.