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Schools project pays dividends for Widnes

WIDNES Golf Club is looking to the future by investing time and expertise in the youth of Widnes and the surrounding area.

Since January 2005, their resident professional, Jason O’Brien, has been working on a schools project, which has proved to be extremely successful. During this time he has delivered in excess of 1,000 hour-long sessions to approximately 7,500 young people at Widnes schools and others in the surrounding area.

At present he is working with Wade Deacon High School. The sessions, which take place in the schools and at the golf club, were designed to equip young people with the confidence to see golf as a future pursuit and with the necessary skills to achieve the preliminary level of the Golf Foundation Skills Passport.

Weekly activities focus on safety, golfer’s code, basic set-up, putting, short game and long game. Jason said: “It never ceases to amaze me how quickly young people are able to learn the basic golf swing and I take great pleasure in watching their faces after a particularly good shot.”

Jason’s work has expanded into special needs schools too. “Young people with disabilities have to adapt to given situations every day of their lives and watching them create ways to hit a golf ball is astounding,” he explained. “I find these sessions inspirational and also very humbling.”

There is a thriving junior section at the club and it is hoped that these sessions will demonstrate the fact that golf is a game for everyone at Widnes Golf Club.