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Shervill Golf Performance comes to South Staffs

FORMER Ryder Cup star Peter Baker’s coaching team at South Staffs have been enhanced following the announcement that Mark and Lisa Shervill have joined him with their Shervill Golf Performance business.

Mark is a PGA performance coach with 16 years experience and previously worked at The Shropshire Golf Club. His wife, Lisa, plays on the European Tour and specialises in coaching ladies and girls. Lisa will play out of South Staffs.

Shervill Golf Performance will be delivering its unique training programmes to golfers looking to take their game to the next level. “Our training programmes are not one off individual lessons, we work with individuals and organisations who are keen to enrol on a holistic programme that takes them on a golfing journey to improve their scores, enjoyment of the game and their wellbeing,” explained Mark.

“We look forward to becoming established at South Staffs and in association with Peter Baker, with his wealth of expertise and knowledge of the game it is a perfect relationship to create something special,” he added.

Mark and Lisa will be coaching golfers of all ages and all levels, from beginners to single handicap players looking to improve their golf performance. Their unique training programmes will also focus on what the Shervill’s call ‘the heartbeat of their business”, which is helping younger people into golf and allowing them to fall in love with the game.

They have coached more than 1,000 children during their coaching careers and with Lisa’s involvement, and passion for girl’s golf, they currently teach a group of girls from as young as four years of age.

“It’s an amazing group who are not only loving the joys of the game but are all showing great skills. They are fantastic to teach and the buzz I get from seeing them smash a ball up the fairway and hole putts almost gives me the same satisfaction as when I’m making birdies out on tour,” said Lisa.


The pair’s expertise in junior and youth development has helped to create top level players and they have an impressive track record of creating winners on the international amateur stage.

Baker, the head professional at South Staffs, said: “I am delighted to be welcoming Shervill Golf Performance to South Staffs Golf Club, working with them and being part of this exciting project.

“Their unique approach to golf coaching involves working with the individual across all areas of performance – from physical, to technical and mental, developing on-course skills and strategies that will benefit players of all ages and of all levels. With our location being so accessible, our excellent facilities will provide a great base for our new and exciting venture.”