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Sid is special at Disley

A 96-YAER-OLD member of Disley Golf Club has been granted special permission to use a golf buggy all-year-round – despite the fact the motorised vehicles are banned from the course during the winter.

The ruling will allow Sid Maddison, a member for 36 years, to continue playing throughout the year.

One of the highlights of his playing career was to win the ‘major’ Israel Sidebottom Trophy at Disley in 1989 with a remarkable card of 74-16=58. The scorecard was framed and is still displayed in the clubhouse today.

Sid served in the Far East during the Second World War and was caught by the Japanese forces in Singapore and was imprisoned for over four years, which including working on the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai. With many of his colleagues in captivity dying due to the extreme conditions, Sid’s ability to accept rice in his diet kept him going through this difficult period and he was known as ‘Two Pint Maddison’ for the amount of rice and other dreadful food he could eat in one sitting which many of his fellow prisoners could not cope with.

On his return home Sid worked as a management accountant and in his retirement played golf several times a week.

Disley captain Geoff Gable said: “Sid is an absolute legend in the club and provides a great example for younger golfers to follow.

“He has a wonderful sharp, dry wit. He refuses to attend any Prisoner of War reunions because ‘all those fellas have got too old’!”