Technical Spec

Please use the following guidelines when submitting any artwork for your advertisements.

Print Sizes & Dimensions

Full page
330mm (h) x 260mm (w)

Half page horizontal
160mm (h) x 260mm (w)

Half page vertical
315mm (h) x 100mm (w)

Quarter page
160mm (h) x 127mm (w)

Eighth page
80mm (h) x 127mm (w)

Credit card size
60mm (h) x 100mm (w)

Applications Accepted

Adobe Acrobat PDFs accepted and preferred.
QuarkXpress 7.0 and below, Photoshop 7.0 (files must be CMYK).

Online Sizes & Dimensions

Homepage banner
281px (h) x 1000px (w)

Page and post banners
500px (h) x 500px (w)

Formats Accepted

PDFs, JPEG or PNG images.