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Use your bounce!

A LOT of players that come for short game lessons don’t understand that it’s good to use the bounce on their wedges when chipping,

I often see players with the shaft leaning way too far forward (PIC 1), which steepens their angle of attack with the clubhead and causes the club to dig deeply into the turf. Their consistency of strike goes completely out the window!!! At best they get a very low ball-flight, which is not ideal when chipping into fast, firm greens or chipping over banks or bunkers.

What I like to see is a slight lean forward on most standard or straight-forward chips (PIC 2). This will give them more consistency in their strike and also increase the height of the shot a little from what they were doing before.

The progression from that is to even try getting the shaft or grip a little behind the ball to reduce the angle of attack even more (PIC 3). This allows them to play even higher flighted chips shots, which is great when playing over bunkers.

Give this a go next time you’re at the range or chipping green, with a bit of practice and without getting too ‘scoopy’ with your hands. Once you have made this set up change you can learn to play this fun shot!