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Windermere ladies tested in the ‘Greenkeepers Challenge!’

WINDERMERE Golf Club held its unique annual ‘Greenkeepers Challenge’ earlier this month when 24 lady members took part in the nine-hole event.

The quirky competition was the brainchild of the then head greenkeeper, Tony Clark, more than 15 years ago and progressed by the next head greenkeeper, David Wilkinson (now at Wrexham), whose donated trophy for the event is still used today.

The contest requires a somewhat unusual approach to the game, as present head greenkeeper, John Baines, explained: “The ‘Greenkeepers Challenge’ is an event that is very much affiliated to Windermere Golf Club and has evolved over the years.

“It used to be a club competition, but is now embraced by our lady members.  Each hole has different rules, with certain holes requiring the player to putt with only one hand; there are multiple flags on some greens with strange hole cups; and the use of very peculiar clubs is required! For example, there is a driver and putter, both only one and a half foot long, but also a five foot putter made out of a broom!

“On certain holes, the ladies have to putt with their drivers and then drive with their putters.”

There were also opportunities to support the new lady captain, Helen Partington’s, annual charity – the Windermere First Responders – by utilising options for throwing the ball, charged at £1 per throw.

“The ‘Greenkeepers Challenge’ is such a popular event and always enjoyed by the ladies, who have tremendous fun. The greenkeepers also have to play the course themselves at the end of the contest. It’s a very enjoyable day at a time of year when, traditionally, most of us are feeling a bit fed up.

“Our motto is: Laughter is all we’re after!” added John.

Pictured is a lady member putting using the five foot long broom-shafted putter.