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Wirral golfer hits a 367-yard hole-in-one!

BROMBOROUGH member Mike McLoughlin has hit a hole-in-one on a 367-yard long par four at his home club.
The police officer’s incredible ace came at the Wirral club’s eighth hole while playing alongside his friend, and regular playing partner, John Robertson.
“I don’t normally get anywhere near reaching the green in one but, with the ground being so hard and fast-running and the wind being behind, I’d hit my tee shot into the greenside bunker the day before, so I knew I could get close again,” explained the five handicapper who lives in Bromborough.
“I even let the pair in front clear the green before teeing off. I knew I’d hit a good one and was confident it would be on or close to the green. John hit a good shot too and when we were walking down about 100 yards away, I could see something white that looked like a ball near the hole. As we got closer though we realised it was actually the ball in the shallower cup that we currently have in play due to coronavirus.
“We couldn’t believe it. John said ‘I’d give you a hug, but I’m not allowed’,” he added.
The ace was the 48-year-old’s sixth. The dad of two explained: “My previous five were all on par threes at Bromborough. I’ve had two on the fourth, two on the sixth and one on the 10th.
“It’s nice to be the one getting the glory for a change,” he joked. “It’s normally my two children Louise (winner of the England Golf Young Ambassador of the Year award last year) and Jacob that make the headlines.”
Mike still has some way to go before he can claim the family bragging rights when it comes to holes in one though. His late father-in-law, Ken Behn, managed 26 aces before he passed away in 2017!
“It feels great to have managed six, but I’ll never match Ken’s incredible total.”