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Withington veteran joins Centurion Club

By Geoff Garnett

WITHINGTON Golf Club has had two members, both ladies, who reached 100 years of age while they were members of the club.

Now the Centurion hat-trick has been completed by long-serving member Ken Copeland who becomes the first male member to reach 100 years of age in the club’s 124-year-old history.

Ken, who was a top local amateur cricketer, joined Withington in 1969 and although enjoying his golf and social life at the club he did not achieve any outstanding playing success but he enjoyed his wife’s time as lady captain in 1980.

To mark Ken’s great achievement the Withington past captains and distinguished members attended a get-together with an excellent buffet enjoyed by all.

David Bentley, one of the main organisers of the event, said: “The afternoon went really well and Ken, who is a life member at the club, enjoyed it chatting to old friends.

“The captain Clive Allen said a few words and it was a great do and very memorable for all who attended.”

A group of Withington ex-captains with Ken Copeland, third from left on front row, receiving a card from David Bentley.