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Withington welcome youngest ever lady captain

KARA Norbury has driven in to become the youngest ever lady captain at Withington.

The 32-year, who lives in Gatley, hit a very respectable 180-yard tee shot at her official Drive-In last month.

She started playing golf just six years ago and has already seen her handicap tumble from 36 to 15.

Kara’s interest in golf started in 2009 when her mother Shirley, the lady captain at the time and a member of Withington since 1999, asked her to help out by caddying in an inter-club competition.

After that game she was encouraged to try hitting a few shots and soon found herself completely hooked.

Kara said: “I’m delighted to be Withington’s youngest-ever lady captain. Golf is an amazing game. It’s challenging, frustrating and ultimately extremely rewarding.

“All too often it is seen as a game for retired people and I am pleased that Withington is striving to change that. We have a fantastic mix of men and women of all ages, so even when my golf is not great the social side always is!”

Clive Allen is the new captain and the president is Mike Eardley.

Kara Norbury drives off as Withington’s youngest ever lady captain.