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Youthful captain makes history at Wrekin

DANNY Oliver has become the youngest ever captain in Wrekin Golf Club’s 114-year history.

The 33-year-old has been a member of the Wellington-based club for 23 years, after his father Dickie, who joined in 1980, enrolled him in the club as a junior. He has enjoyed playing success, as well as being junior captain in 2002, Handicap League captain in 2013 and Scratch League captain in 2017.

Oliver said: “I didn’t think much would top winning the Club Championship last year after over 23 years of trying but the Drive-In will definitely take some beating! I’d never even once thought about being captain of Wrekin Golf Club but to have been asked, accepted and now be in that position is both an honour and a privilege. The support and kind words of both my friends, family and fellow members has been unbelievable.”

He added: “I don’t commit to anything unless I think I can give it my best and do a half decent job and that’s what I’ll hopefully be remembered for after my year in office.”

His chosen charity for the year is Little Rascals Foundation – a charity that has been set up by the directors of Little Rascals Play Centre, Welsh footballer Dave Edwards and Ben Wootton, to support children with disabilities.

Wootton has worked closely with people with disabilities throughout his career and has a good understanding of the difficulties these children and their families face. He set up the charity so he could help these brave children to overcome their challenges.

Edwards is well known as a Welsh international who played for Wolverhampton Wanderers and is now at Shrewsbury Town and wanted to use his status to help others. Since opening Little Rascals, he has taken pleasure in seeing how much the play centre has been able to support children with disabilities, and feels that this charity is the perfect way to support them further, in many different ways.

The Little Rascals Foundation will strive to support children with disabilities, helping them to participate in what is considered ‘normal’ in their everyday society.

Oliver is joined by lady captain Carol Quin who has been a member of Wrekin for 22 years. Her husband Norman, 90, who is a regularly playing member has been a member for 55 years and recently their son Jonathan joined the club.

The junior captain is Will Bruckshaw, 15. He joined Wrekin three years ago along with his father Richard and brother Johnnie.

Keeping the role youthful next year too will be 33-year-old Dominic Bagnall, the 2017 club champion, who is Oliver’s vice-captain. Club secretary, Richard Gallier said: “It is superb to see younger members taking important roles within the club; it’s not only great for the club but also healthy for the sport.”

Pictured is Danny Oliver with lady captain Carol Quin and junior captain Will Bruckshaw.